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waterproofing service

Specializing in waterproofing and foundation repair, Total Foundation Rescue is a fully licensed and insured company serving the Winnipeg Area. Interior waterproofing methods can seal out moisture when exterior access is not an option. If you are planning a new basement renovation, waterproofing is a must in order to protect your investment by preventing future water damage.

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Sump Pits & Weeping Tile

Weeping tile systems and sump pumps are parts of a drainage system designed to move excess groundwater away from your home. Older weeping tile systems should be examined for breakage or blockage and even replaced for maximum effectiveness.

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Foundation Inspection

Letting foundation damage go too long can create bigger problems down the road. If you notice a problem within your home, contact the professionals at Total Foundation Rescue to inspect and repair the damage.

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Foundation wall anchors have been used successfully to stabilize and straighten foundation walls. This repair system has an excellent track record in residential and commercial structures.

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Wall Bracing

Total Foundation Rescue will permanently stabilizes your basement walls, offering the best opportunity to straighten the walls without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement.


Leveling the foundation can fix the problem of these issues throughout your home. Many people do not associate these issues to be caused by a sinking foundation and try to just fix the problem by adjusting the door jamb. This could fix the gaps in the door, but you could possibly have a much more serious underlining foundation problem.

windows wells service
Window Wells

Windows will also sometimes be misalignment, have gaps, or will be hard to open and close. Many of our customers with sinking foundations will often realize their windows also have some type of issue in the form of these gaps and misalignments.

structural repairs
Structural Repairs

At the first signs of leaking water, moldy walls or a musty smell in your basement, give us a call! Once you can see that water has made it’s way into your basement, you can be sure that damage is already being done to weaken the integrity of your foundation.


Underpinning is the process of extending or stabilizing an existing foundation, usually done to strengthen the structure or increase the ceiling height in a basement.