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Specializing in waterproofing and foundation repair, Total Foundation Rescue is a fully licensed and insured company serving the Winnipeg Area.

Including Basement Lowering/Underpinning, Heated Basement Floors, Walkouts, Basement Windows, Concrete Floors and More. Neglecting the foundation of your house can be one of the most expensive mistakes you can make when it comes to home repair and renovation. Maintaining your house’s foundation should be a priority!

Letting foundation damage go too long can create bigger problems down the road. If you notice a problem within your home, contact the professionals at Total Foundation Rescue to inspect and repair the damage. Don't let a poor foundation decrease the value of your home or damage your possessions.

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A job best left to professionals, exterior waterproofing involves excavating around your house down to the footing, repairing and sealing the exposed foundation walls, and then installing a new weeping tile system to move excess water away from your foundation.

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Sump Pits & Weeping Tile

Weeping tile systems and sump pumps are parts of a drainage system designed to move excess groundwater away from your home. Older weeping tile systems should be examined for breakage or blockage and even replaced for maximum effectiveness.

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Underpinning is the process of extending or stabilizing an existing foundation, usually done to strengthen the structure or increase the ceiling height in a basement.